The following records are from the dept. of Agriculture exactly as they appear.    Registered Foals From The  Crops 2008-2015  Please check your foal's information and report errors or omissions to *indicates foal has changed ownership
  Bunker Hillside Stable John Dvorak   08F-1736 3/4/2008 Offleewild Deebrand
  Barbara Poulin Barbara Poulin   08F-1882 4/8/2008 Nudge But Can She Cook
Above The Beyond Rene Doyle ReneDoyle   08F-1870 3/9/2008 Mayakovsky Azorean Miss
Bantry Meadow Pat O'Sullivan Pat O'Sullivan   08F-1835 3/12/2008 Sundance Ridge Meadow Love
Deblue NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station   08F-1820 5/1/2008 Desert Warrior Blues River Gal
Flashy Ross (not eligible for stallion awards) Kathleen Manning Kathleen Manning M 08F-2007 3/23/2008 Dream Run Classino
Freud's Irish Miss John D. Murphy John D. Murphy   08F-1836 1/27/2008 Freud Unacceptable
Gold Star Dancer Michael Chace Michael Chace   08F-1869 6/23/2008 Gold Fever Brat Pack Princess
Knute D. Gunther D. Gunther   08F-1861 4/27/2008 Senor Conquistador Buttonwood Ida
Ladder NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station   08F-1821 3/29/2008 Hook and Ladder Never Neverland
Loose Lassie Southern Style Sales & Pine Nook Farm Whitestone Farms, LTD   08F-1787 1/23/2008 River Keen Roscommon Lassie
Love to Disco George Brown George Brown   08F-1829 3/29/2008 Disco Rico Love Not War
Luckyandiknowit Broadwall Farm M. Ferguson   08F-1819 5/3/2008 Nudge Lucky Paws
Majestic Ridge Lauren MacFarlane Lauren MacFarlane   08F-1814 5/18/2008 Sundance Ridge Cannon In G
Miracle Mouse Nine Maple Farm Nine Maple Farm   08F-1776 5/20/2008 Concerto Substitute Witness
Miscoe Gray Nine Maple Farm Nine Maple Farm   08F-1775 6/16/2008 Cozzene Emeralino
Miss Tador Lloyd Lockhart Lloyd Lockhart   08F-1871 4/11/2008 Senor conquistador First President
MZ Carol Espo Neil Esposito Neil Esposito   08F-1826 6/15/2008 Anasheed Tara of Helium
Navy Nurse P.L. Moseley P.L. Moseley   08F-1794 5/5/2008 Service Stripe Silver Surge
Our Treasurer UNC E. Stone & T. Treacy E. Stone & T. Treacy   08F-1789 5/9/2008 Senor Conquistador Jill's Solution
Paco's Marco A. Ryan A. Ryan   08F-1879 3/28/2008 Millenium Wind Medieval's Halo
Rosemary's Gael Pine Nook Farm A. Fenton   08F-1867 3/2/2008 Galloping Gael Sued
Sand Castle P.L. Moseley P.L. Moseley   08F-1795 5/23/2008 Mizzen Mast Jade Palace
Silk Solotude Adel Salim Adel Salim   08F-1830 4/27/2008 Silk Broker Princess Attitude
Silk Spinner Adel Salim Adel Salim   08F-1828 3/31/2008 Silk Broker Make The Double
Social Robin George Brown George Brown   08F-1831 3/9/2008 Sociano Robin Cleary
Sociano's Legacy George Brown & Mike & Jane  Fonzo George Brown & Mike & Jane  Fonzo   08F-1823 2/7/2008 Sociano Leave The Treasure
Sociano's Reward Y. D'Alesio Y. D'Alesio   08F-1856 5/12/2008 Sociano Handpolished
Sweet Kim Dan Joyce Dan Joyce   08F-1815 3/20/2008 Sweetsouthernsaint Kimster
The Bond Lion L. Loebelenz L. Loebelenz   08F-1863 1/29/2008 Kokand Moonlight Maiden
Victor Laszlo P.L. Moseley P.L. Moseley   08F-1793 5/8/2008 Victory Gallop Aqualung
Watcha Gonna Do Broadwall Farm M. Ferguson   08F-1817 5/25/2008 Defrere Saphient
Whylee K. Posco V. Emry   08F-1868 5/1/2008 Quest Trimble
Adahai Michael Chace Michael Chace   09F-1904 3/23/2009 Yonaguska More Salt
Can'tcarchabreak G. Brown & G. Cimini G.Brown & G. Cimini M 08F-1857 3/4/2009 Lycius Royal Avie
Conquistadore Rose Louis Tisbert Louis Tisbert   19F-1854 3/31/2009 Senor Conquistador Dr. Claire
Danly's Dream Dan Joyce Dan Joyce   09F-1816 4/6/2009 Dream Run Kimster
Double The Silk Adel Salim Adel Salim   09F-1915 4/18/2009 Silk Broker Make The Double
Dreamed A Dream R. Raymond R. Raymond F 09F-1788 4/18/2009 Agnes Gold Fast Delighter
Esther Iron Cross T. Horky & K. Shelansky     09F-1826 3/5/2009 Bowman's Band Maricopa
Fevers Full Moon A. Fenton & Sawfond Robbins A. Fenton & Sawfond Robbins   09F-1910 5/9/2009 Roaring Fever Smart Babe
Fonzy K. Posco NE Stallion Station   09F-1876 4/13/2009 Dream Run Sideways
Feelinfrisjyarewe J. Steill J. Steill   09F-1908 5/3/2009 Albert The Great Keight B
Harry's Shoe L. Loebelenz L. Loebelenz   09F-1864 2/28/2009 Take Arms Moonlight Maiden
Holly K. Posco S. Edwards & J. Greene F 09F-1875 5/5/2009 Dream Run Blue's River Gal
Just Ask John Lori Lockhart Lori Lockhart   09F-1880 5/3/2009 Silk Broker Little time
King Colby F. Polillio F. Polillio M 09F-1877 5/4/2009 Sociano Lady Yolanda
Kooldealjonsteill J. Steill J. Steill   09F-1907 5/5/2009 Albert The Great Strawberry Kwik
Majestic Emily F. Polillio F. Polillio F 09F-1876 6/19/2009 Sociano Majestic Barbara
Mission Improbable M. Ferguson M. Ferguson   09F-1872 5/18/2009 Ecclesiastic Fuhrline
Outa My Way G. Brown G. Brown & G. Cimini M 09F-1859 5/1/2009 Lycius Danya's Choice
Poopsie Whoopsie Ken Posco James Casavant F 09F-1974 4/1/2009 Dream Run  
*Don Sings Ramona G. Brown   F 09F-1860 6/15/2009 Lycius Tara of Helium
Sociano's Star G. Brown & M. & J. Fonzo G. Brown & M. & J. Fonzo F 09F-1858 3/13/2009 Sociano Leave The Treasure
The February Lion L. Loebelenz L. Loebelenz   09F-1865 1/20/2009 Take Arms Roses Only
Thepresidentallion L. Loebelenz L. Loebelenz   09F-1866 2/28/2009 Take Arms Two Mikes
Turko Star T. Kirby T. Kirby   09F-1834 5/15/2009 Andrometer's Hero Clever Turk
Uncle Cliffords Gal T. Horky & K. Shelansky T. Horky & K. Shelansky   09F-1824 4/20/2009 Desert Warrior Sleety
Uncle J's Angel P. Bruno P. Bruno   09F-1837 1/10/2009 Second Episode Elegant Future
Western Strike G. Heney, Sr. G. Heney, Sr.   09F-1812 3/28/2009 River Keen Deebrand
Wise Latina Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stable F 09F-1906 3/20/2009 Dream Run Judge Barbara
Zenne Sky Band Farm Sky Band Farm   10F-1833 6/5/2010 Say Uncle Rainy Day Woman
Abandonedandbroke M. Larson M. Larson M 10F-1996 4/7/2010 Silk Broker Thundering Colleen
Baby Got Boots Broadwall Farm Broadwall Farm   12F-1901 5/24/2010 Lycius Fuhrline
Ballerina's Image JR Stable LLC JR Stable LLC F 12F-1903 4/11/2010 Lycius Irish Ballerina
Carl NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 10F1982 5/11/2010 Raffies Majesty French Factor
Cathy The Great Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stable F 10F-1883 4/25/2010 Albert the Great Quick Interview
CF's Bullet P. O'Sullivan E. O'Sullivan   10F-1852 3/25/2010 Chief Seattle Classic Flirt
Classic Clyde C. Carney C. Carney M 10F-1956 4/15/2010 Disco Rico Tremendous Tracy
Dana NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 10F-1987 4/13/2010 Into Mischief Holy Capote
Delycius Lady Brown & Fonzo Brown & Fonzo F 10F-1912 5/5/2010 Lycius Spanish Lady
Diva Indeed A. Salim A. Salim   10F-1921 4/30/2010 Silk Broker Gorgeous Indeed
Doublicious F. & A. Schifano Rumrunner TBs F 10F-2015 6/6/2010 Double Honor Miss Meister
Dr. Joslin K. Posco & J. Casavant James Casavant M 10f-1973 5/11/2010 Dream Run Brilliant Success
Find Your Way J. Titone J. Titone M 10F-2012 6/7/2010 Chief Seattle Julie's Found Star
Future Episodes P. Bruno P. Bruno   10F-1838 5/12/2010 Second Episode Elegant Future
Gina NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 10F-1983 4/29/2010 Dream Run Sideways
Ginger NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 10F-2064 5/3/2010 Stephengoteven Holly Rae
Grady NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 10F-1988 5/10/2010 Got The Last Laugh Lady Biscayne
I'm Kwik J.D. Steill J.D. Steill M 10F-2008 5/13/2010 Clever Dude Strawberry Kwik
Jace Diane McKay Diane McKay M 10F-2003 3/2/2010 Andromeda's Hero Dinner Diamond
Jo Jo NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 10F-1989 5/28/2010 Heatseeker Dance With Grace
Kayla NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 10F-1991 3/1/2010 Indygo Shiner Ore Money
Keen Lad A. Fenton P. Vassallo M 10F-1967 5/9/2010 River Keen Bella Bourne
Moon Scamper Brown & Fonzo Brown & Fonzo F 10F-1913 1/13/2010 Red Scamper Milly Galore
My Friend Bob G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown M 10F-1914 6/6/2010 Lycius Danya's Choice
Pallet Maker J. Casavant & K. Posco James Casavant M 10F-1977 5/6/2010 Dream Run Buffalo Dance
Pinazola NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 10F-1984 4/4/2010 Bandini Rockin Rachel Anne
Rib Cracker A. Fento & Pine Nook Farm A. Fento & Pine Nook Farm F 10F-1966 5/3/2010 Frost Giant Standard of Peace
Ringo NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 10F-1990 5/6/2010 Patriot Act Spectaculaireontap
*Robin's Rush G. & A. Brown Black Rushin Farm F 10F-1920 5/12/2010 Lycius Robin Cleary
Roode Dude A. Salim A. Salim M 10F-1922 5/19/2010 De Roode Make The Double
Royalycius G. Brown & G. cimini G. Brown & G. cimini M 10F-1938 4/7/2010 Lycius Royal Avie
Senor's Image G. Heney, Sr.     10F-1919 3/8/2010 Senor Conquistador Deebrand
Shelley's Cider Lloyd Lockhart Lloyd Lockhart F 10F-2005 3/11/2010 Stonesider First President
Soccer Goalie G. Rose G. Rose M 10F-1918 4/1/2010 Sociano Ragg Ragg Ragg
Sonia's Rush A. Janjigian A. Janjigian   10F-1873 5/7/2010 Disco Rico I.B. Stella
Spectacular Silk A. Salim A. Salim   10F-1923 5/22/2010 Silk Broker Spectacular Prize
The Lion's Fire L.Loebelenz L.Loebelenz   10F-1916 4/10/2010 Take Arms Kokokand
The Storm Lion L.Loebelenz L.Loebelenz   10F-1917 1/25/2010 Take Arms Roses Only
Worth he worry T. Horky   M 10F-1909 3/20/2010 Hook and Ladder Maricopa
Zolt F. Polillio   M 10F-1905 5/2/2010 Lycius Lady Yolanda
Zzaj Sky Band Farm Sky Band Farm   10F-1832 6/5/2010 Say Uncle Bail Bond
Do Be Brief Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stable   11F-1881 4/25/2011 Lycius Quick Interview
Appealing Silk A. Salim A. Salim   11F-1946 5/1/2011 Silk Broker Captive Appeal
Bobby J's Rush A. Janjigian A. Janjigian M 11F-1874 6/15/2011 Lycius I.B. Stella
Brenda NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 11F-1985 3/3/2011 Lightnin N Thunder Judy
Broad Meadow NE Stallion Station J. Casavant F 11F-1976 5/25/2011 Dream Run Brilliant Success
Chasing Blue L. Muri  Whitestone Farm   11F-1884 5/12/2011 Lycius Tally My Love
Elena Says Hello L. Stone L. Stone   11F-1885 3/5/2011 Harlan's Holiday Greeting Card
Goodbyeguinnessbok T. Horky T. Horky   11F-2016 5/15/2011 Harlan's Holiday Greeting Card
Higgie's Man J.D. Steill J.D. Steill M 11F-2008 3/27/2011 Stonesider Higgie
Joan NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station F 11F-1981 5/16/2011 Zong Blues River Gal
Joanie's gem F. Polillo F. Polillo M 11F-1963 2/13/2011 Sociano Majestic Barbara
Lookoutupfront G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown M 11F-1942 6/23/2011 Lycius Danya's choice
Malibu Ice G. & A. Brown & J. Fonzo G. & A. Brown & J. Fonzo F 11F-1940 4/11/2011 Red Scamper Milly Galore
Misfortune B. Minsk B. Minsk M 11F-1925 5/4/2011 Prized Emeralino
Miss Lelanite K. Posco Jame Casavant F 11F-1975 5/28/2011 Dream Run Duck Duck Guska
Night Time Slipper C. Carney C. Carney F 11F-1955 6/14/2011 Disco Rico By Grace Alone
Nite Life Lover G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 11F-1940 4/12/2011 Lycius Greeley's Bar
Pete NE Stallion Station NE Stallion Station M 11F-1986 4/11/2011 Lightnin N Thunder Never Neverland
Pink Present B. Minsk B. Minsk F 11F-1926 3/16/2011 Stephen Got Even Kiss Me Twice
Red Tassel A. Salim A. Salim M 11F-1949 5/20/2011 De Roode Make The Double
Restless Rebel V. Emry T. Scheidel F 11F-1969 4/23/2011 Silk Broker Rebel
Roode Indeed A. Salim A. Salim M 11F-1948 5/13/2011 De Roode Gorgeous Indeed
Royal Silk A. Salim A. Salim M 11F-1945 4/27/2011 Silk Broker Royal Focus
Silk Dance A. Salim A. Salim M 11F-1947 4/21/2011 Silk Broker Dance Yabola
Sociano's Valentine G. & A. Brown G.Brown & M. Hinkle F 11f-1939 2/14/2011 Sociano Andrea Alls
Simply Mas R. Simonick R. simonick M 11f-2018 6/4/2011 Lightnin N Thunder Simply Fancy
Sultan's Princess J. Kirby J. Kirby F 11f-2045 3/8/2011 Sultan's Prince Clever Trick
Sweet C. Rocket JH. & M. Grant M. Grant F 11f-1853 2/3/2011 Dr. Rockett Before My Time
The Dark Lion L. Loebelenz L. Loebelenz F 11F-1997 2/23/2011 Take Arms Roses Only
Zong's Song V. Emry V. Emry F 11F-1968 5/5/2011 Zong Trimble
Blink B. Minsk B. Minsk F 12F-1978 4/11/2012 City Zip Kiss Me Twice
Cassidy's Call JR LLC JR LLC F 12F-2000 4/13/2012 Noonmark Above The Call
Conspiracy Again W. Sienkewicz   M 12F-1927 3/20/2012 Dr. Rockett Oh Diane
Dale Ken Posco Indian Creek TB Farms M 12F-2018 4/24/2012 Zong Judy
E Man P. DeVincentis P. DeVincentis   12F-1924 2/20/2012 West Acre Wicked Itch
Five to One G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 12F-1998 4/20/2012 Sociano Greeley's Bar
G.C.'s Wild Cooper C. Carney C. Carney M 12F-1957 4/17/2012 Wild Desert Bobbie Use
Greta Ken Posco Indian Creek TB Farms F 12F-2017 5/23/2012 Zong French Factor
It's Dave's Bird Lloyd Lockhart Lloyd Lockhart M 12F-2013 4/7/2012 It's A Bird Dave's Duchess
J.C. Indy A. Zizza III A. Zizza III M 12F-1980 3/21/2012 Flatter Immaculata
Jeb Ken Posco Indian Creek TB Farms F 12F-2097 4/29/2012 Zong Never Neverland
Kristina's Penny C. Carney C. Carney F 12F-1958 4/17/2012 Wild Desert Bella Bolchina
Lalun Jedi M. & L. Chace M. & L. Chace F 12F-1971 3/12/2012 Congaree Marquee Lady
Lord Vito G. Brown & G. Cimini G. Brown & G. Cimini M 12F-2011 5.10/2012 Sociano Royal Avie
Loving Vision Adel Salim Adel Salim F 12F-2010 4/27/2012 Peruvian Only a Vision
Lucky Sociano G. Brown & J. Fonzo G. Brown & J. Fonzo F 12F-1993 3/13/2012 Sociano Leave The Treasure
Martha Ken Posco Indian Creek TB Farms F 12F-2016 4/29/2012 Zong Ore Money
Miss Wilby Mary Beth Reis L. Wilby & MB Reis F 12F-1911 4/4/2012 Imperialism Deona
Moxie's Rush Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm F 12F-2054 4/20/2012 Hold Me Back Divine Sanction
Mr. Karl Burgess K. Manning K. Manning M 12F-2068 5/22/2012 Dr. Rockett Truly Divine
O'Houlihan Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stable F 12F-2020 4/5/2012 Marsh Side Broad Portrait
Plausible B. Minsk B. Minsk M 12F-1979 3/10/2012 Indygo Shiner Shadowy Waters
Puccinni G. Rose G. Rose M 12F-1992 3/2/2012 Sociano Ragg Ragg Ragg
Rockin Nicky J J. & L. Fenton J. & L. Fenton M 12F-2053 5/9/2012 Sociano LuLu's Secret
Rosie's Wrath J.D.Steill J.D. Steill F 12F-2020 4/15/2012 Kyles Our Man Keight B
Scandal Randell Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stabl M 12F-2019 5/1/2012 Quarry Slewzy Floozy
Sociable Lady G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 12F-1994 2/28/2012 Sociano Robin Cleary
Social Image D. Manocchia D. Manocchia M 12F-1995 5/23/2012 Sociano Highland Ridge
Sociano's Choice G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 12F-2001 6/18/2012 Sociano Danya's Choice
Sociano's Phantom G. & A. Brown & J. Fonzo G. & A. Brown & J. Fonzo M     Sociano Milly Galore
Spectacularsociano G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown M 12F-2002 6/19/2012 Sociano Spectaculaiteontap
Strong Explosion JR Stable LLC JR Stable LLC M 12F-1937 6/21/2012 Sociano Irish Balarina
Summer Fashion Petworth Farm   F 12F-2006 5/30/2012 Roaring Fever Gaeta
Sweet Birdie  Lloyd Lockhart Archie Ricciardi F 12F-2014 4/5/2012 It's A Bird Sweet Angel Elaine
ambassador Sweet Shadyside Farm S. Goos F 13F-2033 2/23/2013 Ambassador Lying Walder
Angelica's Indy A. Zizza III A. Zizza III  F 13F-2096 3/23/2013 Indygo Shiner Immaculata
Angry Patty T. Ryan T. Ryan F 13F-2016 3/17/2013 Freud Hello Karakorum
Armand's Rush Black RushinFarm Black Rushin Farm M 13F-2012 6/23/2013 Indian Ocean I.B.Stella
Beth K. Posco E. Estabrooks F 13F-2099 2/23/2013 Brother Derek Saturdays Child
Bill K. Posco  E. Estabrooks M 13F-2100 5/9/2013 Birdstone Quickstart
Broker's Prize A. Salim  A. Salim M 13F-2055 5/15/2013 Silk Broker Spectacularprize
Brother Fred R. Raymond R. Raymond  M 14F-2094 4/17/2013 Factum Tess The Angel
Call Me Social JR LLC JR LLC  F 13F-2044 4/16/2013 Sociano Above The Call
Chamboro Lace M & L Chace M & L Chace  F 13F-2042 3/30/2013 Alphabet Soup More Salt
Cheer For Grace J&L Fenton & D. Gunther J&L Fenton & D. Gunther  F 13F-2059 5/9/2013 Indian Oceanr Lulu's Secret
Danya's Indian G & A Brown  G & A Brown F 13F-2062 6/10/2013 Indian Ocean Danya's Choice
De Royal Roode A. Salim  A. Salim M 13F-2056 4/24/2013 De Roode Royal Focus
Desert Dolly D. Gunther D. Gunther  F 13F-2065 4/10/2013 Wild Desert Token of Hope
Desert Wonder G & A Brown G & A Brown  M 13F-2060 4/10/2013 Wild Desert Bobbie Use
Dr. Blarney J. DiRico  J. DiRico M 13F-2087 3/20/2013 Dublin Dr. Capote
Dr. Ruthless J. DiRico J. DiRico  F 13F-2086 4/20/2013 Disco Rico Judge Margaret
Dyne P. Moseley P. Moseley  F 13F-2021 3/30/2013 Catienus Dinah's Pearls
EZ Breezy A. Pedragal A. Pedregal  F 13F-2095 2/11/2013 Two Step Salsa Ocala Gator
Frosty Martini D. Kutt D. Kutt M 13F-2029 43/26/2013 Silk Broker Run in the Fast Lane
Half Moon Dancing B. Allard B. Allard  F 13F-2087 4/12/2013 Polish Pro Katie's Raven
Hello Smarty Tea Party Stable  Tea Party stable F 13F-2037 4/13/2013 Frost Giant Smarty's Halo
Indian Goldmine G & A Brown G & A Brown  F 13F-2063 5/15/2013 Indian Ocean Lily's Goldmine
Indian Spectacular G & A Brown G & A Brown  F 13F-2061 6/20/2013 Indian Ocean Spectaculaireontap
Miss Pea Dr. & Mrs. V. Armenio  Dr. & Mrs. V. Armenio F 13F-2052 5/8/2013 Indian Ocean Greeley's Bar
Only The Silk A. Salim  A. Salim M 13F-2057 5/2/2013 Silk Brokerr Only A Vision
Pea Penny Dr. & Mrs. V. Armenio Dr. & Mrs. V. Armenio  F 13F-2051 4/2/2013 Indian Ocean Missapproved
Princess Dream P. Mosley P. Moseley  F 13F-2022 4/26/2013 Freud Virginia Reel
Silent Waters Nine Maple Farm Nine Maple Farm  M 13F-2070 3/10/2013 Silent Name Shadowy Waters
Silks Got Heart B. Allard B. Allard  F 13F-2089 2/23/2013 Mabry's Boy Wild Safari
Small town Fate Pine Nook Farm A. Rioux  F 13F-2050 5/1/2013 Rocket Legs Good Listener
Sweet Indian Lloyd Lockhart  Archie Ricciardi F 13F-2067 4/12/2013 Indian Ocean Sweet Angel Elaine
Tania Ken Posco Indian Creek TB Farms F 13F-2019 4/4/2013 Zong Blues River Gal
Tropical Joy C. Trakas C. Trakas  F 13F-2041 4/4/2013 Silk Broker Tropical Trip
Youareoursunshine J & L Fentom  J & L Fenton F 13F-2058 6/2/2013 Sociano All For Brook
Zamindari M & L Chace  M & L Chace F 13F-2043 4/3/2013 Utopia Brat Pack Princess
  Tea Party Stable W. Downey  F 14F-2032 5/14/2014 Wild Desert Smarty's Halo
All Indian G & A Brown G & A Brown  M 14F-2093 6/4/2014 Indian Ocean All For Brook
Caesar's Rush Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm M 14F-2014 6/10/2014 Indian Ocean I.B.Stella
Charlie Riffic R. A. Raymond R. A. Raymond M 14F-2045 3/22/2014 Field Commission Hay Chief
Choice Indian G & A Brown G & A Brown M 14F-2091 6/24/2014 Indian Ocean Danya's Choice
Colin's Gogo G & A Brown G & A Brown F 14F-2081 3/2/2014 Wild Desert Fille du Roi
Dan D. Gunther D. Gunther M 14F-2030 4/10/2014 De Roode Captive Appeal
De Flashy Girl A. Salim A. Salim F 14F-2090 5/15/2014 Wild Desert Lulu's Secret
Dublin Boyo Dr. V. Armenio Dr. V. Armenio M 14F-2098 4/11/2014 Dublin King's Answer
Frosty Nurse J DiRico J DiRico F 04F-2046 4/21/2014 Frost Giant Dr. Capote
George Grammas JR Stable LLC JR Stable LLC M 14F-2069 4/20/2014 Indian Ocean Irish Ballerina
Inarocketminute M. Zagwyn M. Zagwyn M 14F-2101 5/3/2014 Rocket Legs Mingun Miss
Indian Legacy G & A Brown & J Fonzo  G & A Brown & J Fonzo F 14F-2083 3/8/2014 Indian Ocean Sociano's Legacy
Irish Legs B allard B Allard F 14F-2080 2/1/2014 Rocket Legs Wild Safari
Lulu's Rush Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm F 14F-2013 6/6/2014 Indian Ocean Rushing Doe
Missle Snow M Jacoff M Jacoff M 05F-2048 5/1/2014 Dr. Rockett Snow Down
Oceans of Chrome G & A Brown & J Fonzo G & A Brown & J Fonzo F 14F-2082 3/5/2014 Indian Ocean Leave The Treqasure
Oceans Galore G & A Brown & J Fonzo G & A Brown & J Fonzo M 14F-2084 2/28/2014 Indian Ocean Milly Galore
Oceans of Gold G & A Brown G & A Brown M 14F-2092 5/31/2014 Indian Ocean Lily's Goldmine
Saint Alfred J DiRico J DiRico  M 05F-2047 5/1/2014 Dublin Judge Margaret
Tango With Lois E Stone  E Stone F 14F-2085 4/10/2014 Silk Broker Jill's Layup
The Doc Is In W Sienkewicz  W Sienkewicz M 03F-2049 3/31/2014 Dr. Rockett Oh Diane
 Desert Safari B. Allard  B. Allard  F  15F-2028  2/6/2015 Wild Desert Wild Safari
 Gem of the Ocean B. Allard  b. Allard  15F-2027  3/3/2015  Indian Ocean Katie's Raven
Indian Treasure  G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 15F-2035 2/22/15  Indian Ocean Sociano's Legacy
 Lou Tass K. Manning  K. Manning  M  15F-2048  5/2/2015 Dr Rockett Truly Divine
 Reeley Jeff  V. Armenio V. Armenio M 15F-2036 4/14/15 Indian Ocean Greeley's Bar
 Royal Desert  Whitestone Farm G.& A.Brown F 15F-2046 2/19/15 Wild Desert Fille Du Roi
 Saint Anna W. Hardin  A. Zizza  F  15F-2049  5/19/2015 Kodiak Kowboy Prior Lake Lady
 She is Roode  A. Salim A. Salim F 15F-2031 4/18/2015  De Roode Only A Vision
 Yogi Got Milk  G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown M 15F-2034  5/19/2015 Indian Ocean All For Brook
 Success Saint A. Zizza  A. Zizza  M  16F-2050  2/9/2016 Successful Appeal Immaculata
 Coleman K. Manning  K. Manning  M  16F-2047  6/1/2015 Drill A Cure At Last
Indian's Getupngo  G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown M 16F-2037 2/18/2016 Indian Ocean  Sociano's Legacy 
Lilly's Rush R. Kalaidjian R. Kalaidjian M 16F-2044  3/14/2016 Indian Ocean Rushing Doe
Recommissioned  S. Campbell S. Campbell F 16F-202052  5/1/2016  Invasor  Firm Halo
Shamrock's Rule  G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 16F-2038  3/25/2016  Rule By Night  Shamrock Roll
Stella's Legacy R. Kalaidjian R. Kalaidjian M 16F-2043  6/8/2016 Indian Ocean I.B. Stella
Sydney's Magic  G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 16F-2039  4/30/2016 Sidney's Candy  Loramateal
Tasket  D. Gunther D. Gunther F 16F-2042  4/14/2016 The Cliff's Edge  Lulu's Secret
Tisket  D. Gunther D. Gunther F 16F-2041  4/15/2016 Teuflesberg  Token of Hope
Donny NE Breeding Synd NE Breeding Synd M 17F-2063  3/7/2017 Daredevil  Battenkill
Across The Channel NE Breeding Synd NE Breeding Synd M 17F-2062  5/7/2017 English Channel  Chic Joy
Snow More  M. Jacoff M. Jacoff M 17F-2054  2/26/2017 Dr Rockett  Snow Down
Unnamed  W. Hart W. Hart F 17F-2053  3/6/2017 Japan  Hidden Music
Unnamed  K. Manning K. Manning F 17F-2051  5/27/2017 Dr Rockett  Grand Madam
Yes Your Honor NE Breeding Syndicate NE Breeding Syndicate F 17F-2065  4/17/2017 Brilliant Speed  Honor N Charm
Candle Pins Tea Party Stable Tea Party Stable F 17F-2058  5/16/2017 Indian Ocean  Nice and Naughty
Casper Joe  L. Macfarlane L. Macfarlane M 17F-2055  4/13/2017 Dr Rockett  Rain Forest
Giant Escape G. & A. Brown G. & A. Brown F 17F-2059 5/9/2017 Giant Surprise Sociano's Legacy
I'lltellyouastory  Chandler's Cranberry Acres Chandler's Cranberry Acres M 17F-2057 4/24/2017 Indian Ocean Sherian's Estate
Rascal De  D. Gunther D. Gunther F 17F-2061  4/2/2017 De Roode  Lulu's Secret
Rusty De D. Gunther D. Gunther M 17F-2060  4/6/2017 De Roode  Token of Hope
The Dr's Slipper  J. DiRico J. DiRico M 17F-2056  3/29/2017 Dr Disco  The Slipper Fits
Tourbillon Rose  D. Kutt D. Kutt F 17F-2061  5/19/2017 De Roode  Runinthefastlane
E Molinari  L. MacFarland M 18F-2073  4/3/2018 Dr. Rockett  Rain Forest
G Buster Brown  A. Brown A. Brown M 18F-2069  5/15/2018 Indian Ocean  Love To Disco
Matunuck  T. Sliney T. Sliney F 18F-2064  1/26/2018 Conveyance  Romedios
Renagade Rush  Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm F 18F-2070  3/31/2018 Indian Ocean  Renagade Ruby
Rush Henry Rush  Black rushin Farm Black rushin Farm M 18F-2071  2/2/2018 Indian Ocean  Rushing Doe
Stormarella  Reardon/Minchello Reardon/Minchello M 18F-2069  4/17/2018 Terrific Storm  Cindyrella
Zeena's Rush  Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm F 18F-2069  3/23/2018 Indian Ocean Queenofzeenile
County Cork  A. Brown A. Brown M 19F-2076  3/23/2019 Indian Ocean  Shamrock Roll
Don'tmakeazeen  R. Kalaidjian R. Kalaidjian F 19F-2074  3/27/2019 Indian Ocean  Queenofzeenile
Unnamed  Wm D. Hart Wm D. Hart M NA 2/1/2020 Dare Devil Old Time Reliogion
Brown Return  Donna Kutt Donna Kutt M NA 5/15/2020 Big Brown Runinthefastlane
Irish Prophecy Winifred Sienkewicz Winifred Sienkewicz F NA 5/17/2020 Destin Irish Heroine
Long Legged Rush Black Rushin Farm Black Rushin Farm F NA 4/1/2020 Daddy Long Legs Renagade Ruby
Promised Love Arlene Brown Arlene Brown M NA 4/5/2020 Hard Promises Love To Disco